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1   Reflections In The Desert
2   Striving & Sitting
3   Motif No. 3: A Q&A With Maggie & Joel Bear
4   Nostalgia
5   Transforming A Room For The Twenty-Something Renter
6   7 Excuses For Beautiful Food
7   Houseplants 101
8   Brother Sister Duo: A Q&A With Cooper & Gatlin

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It’s a weird feeling to love a past life that I never actually lived. There’s this magical, Hollywood nostalgia for the extravagance of the Roaring Twenties, the so-called simplicity of the Fifties, the passion of the Seventies, the hope of the Eighties...  I think deep down we all know that each decade probably felt about like this one does — or maybe it was even worse — but there’s a welcome escape in finding inspiration from the highs of the past. 

I have this retro-mixed-with-modern vision in my head for everything I create. I want velvet fabrics, neon signs, industrial brick walls, white walls, clean lines, vintage rugs, bamboo chairs, plastic chairs, gold everything, print magazines, vinyls, ma and pop shops, farmer’s markets, and the latest iPhone. 

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Q&A With Maggie & Joel Bear

Joel: I think right now, we live in the greatest time ever for starting businesses. I’m literally running everything from press releases to ads to everything just by sitting, learning, reading, asking as many questions as possible, pulling as many meetings as possible, and just… literally just doing it. 20 years ago that wasn’t possible. 

Maggie: The barrier to entry is so low for starting a business or getting into an industry… you can basically work your way up the ladder through Instagram or through just going out and being proactive about it. If you’re humble and willing to learn then you have such an advantage.



I remember the first time I went to the Glamis Sand Dunes in the very southeast corner of California.  For miles, it’s just giant hills of sand without vegetation or water or even other humans most of the time. It’s a photo-op for me now, but I imagined the days when some of the first people discovered that land, and even the stories of other people groups in other deserts and other times that travelled for literally years through similar desolate places. I imagine a feeling of utmost isolation and yearning to see what was beyond where I stood right then. I imagine wishing I had a leader who could give me directions or a map of the area so I could calculate how long until my next drink of fresh water. I imagine having waves of emotions: hope and then fear and then determination and then helplessness and then back to hope. 


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