30 pages on how to get brand partnerships even if you don’t have a large following!

As I wrote this, I had fewer than 7,000 followers on Instagram and only 1,000 on YouTube, and yet I have completed about 30 brand deals for myself, booked tens of other deals for other influencers, and have several more in the works for the upcoming months. If you want to work with brands, but you’re afraid your audience is too small or you’re not sure where to start — this e-book is for you!

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I have listened to influencer Podcasts and worked with a paid consultant on formulating plans to pitch a brand. This e-book by far is the most comprehensive and cost effective approach on the market for brand pitching. Julie’s in-depth discussion on how the system works coupled with her pitch templates to help even the most intimidated  of us to get started with pitching a brand, makes this e-book an incredible value to influencers! — Megan Medica

You are about to read the MOST helpful piece of literature out there for smaller influencers. Most classes, instructional books, etc. about the influencing space have an element of “when I get bigger I can apply this,” but Julie’s ebook gives you the tools to kickstart your brand collaboration journey no matter what your audience looks like. From detailed descriptions of how to hook a brand to how to even find an appropriate brand in the first place, this book gives the reader inspiration, agency, and direction! — Brynn Cameron

I absolutely LOVE this! It is so good and easy to read. There is a ton of great information but it doesn’t feel unmanageable. It has the right amount of detail and lays everything out so clearly. It shows how brand deals can be attainable regardless of the amount of followers you have which is super awesome! I think it’s going to be very encouraging and helpful for a lot of people! — Madison Flores

Julie’s E-book is the perfect guide for micro influencers looking to increase brand partnerships! It is full of information and practical resources to help advance your career as a content creator. Not only does she spill all her secrets, but she does it in true Julie Tecson fashion— with style! This E-book is as aesthetically pleasing and brilliant as her Instagram itself. — Lo Graham

I am a sucker for full page illustrations and I love having those to break up sections and provide visuals. Keeps me interested and invested. — Ted Brooks

The “How To” we’ve all been waiting for!! We now live in a world where advertising looks to social media and its’ influencers to promote their brands. For me, it can be tricky to get my name in the hands of these companies/brands. Julie’s How To Get Brand Partnerships has given me practical step-by-step handles on how to go about locking in a partnership. After reading this e-book, I feel much more confident in contacting brands and presenting myself via social media or email. I love that this is for anyone and everyone, from a million followers to a thousand followers. I can not wait to put these tips into action! — Sterling Gualtieri

I highly recommend this if you struggle with partnerships with brands or on how to reach out to them! — Shayla Jay

Julie's writing style is fun, engaging and easy to read. Her tutorial is a step by step, easy to follow and very informative instructions for how to get better brand partnerships. This book is awesome and will be as helpful for the novice just starting out as it will be for the experienced brand influencer! Great book! — Kendra Frautnick


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