Magazine LR Preset Covers.jpg

The MAGAZINE preset is made for an ultra-moody effect. It's desaturated, warm tones with deep shadows.

It is very versatile and works with soft or harsh light I recommend it for fashion and editorial shoots and it works well with both DSLR and iPhone shots.

If you need to make any adjustments, I would recommend playing with lightening or darkening the shadows as well as temperature and tint. 

Magazine LR Preset Covers.jpg

The VINTAGE preset aims to give you that vintage vibe with warm tones, desaturated greens, turquoisey blues and a little bit of grain. It works the best with natural light. It was designed for iPhone photos, but works well with DSLR photos too.

This preset is a bit more dramatic, so it may require adjustments to fit exactly what you need:

For skin tones that are too orange, go to the Color Panel and adjust the Orange Luminance and Saturation. You may need to make luminance lighter and saturation less saturated.

With all presets, you may need to adjust temperature, but this one is particularly warm, so just take it a little more to the "blue" side if it's looking too warm.

Magazine LR Preset Covers3.jpg

The SUNSET preset was designed specifically for backlit iPhone photos at sunset or sunrise. It is not versatile and will not work well with other types of photos, though it can easily be adjusted for backlit DSLR photos. 

It's meant to brighten dark shadows and bring out the color in the sky to make everything visible and colorful. 

Since sunset and sunrise photos on iPhone will have a variety of white balance temperatures, that's the main area you may need to adjust to be warmer (if the sun is barely coming up) or cooler (if the sun is all over, making everything super yellow). 

Magazine LR Preset Covers2.jpg

The CLOUDY preset is an updated version of my original preset, CREAMY NATURAL LIGHT. It's very similar and is meant to give your photos a little pop while mostly maintaining the original colors.  It works best with cloudy light or natural shade -- Think "selfie light."

It is pretty versatile with small adjustments. I currently start with this preset on every photo I take!

For DSLR photos, you may need to decrease saturation a bit. For photos without even light, you may need to lighten or darken shadows and blacks. For varying skin tones, try adjusting luminance and saturation of Orange and Yellow.