It's time to party! We are SO THANKFUL to each of you who supported our Kickstarter and cheered us on! We passed our goal and raised a total of $10,334! Now it's time to pump it up, celebrate a giant success, and get excited about what's to come.

1. Magazines have been shipped and more are shipping this week! Once yours arrives, we'd love a social media shout out! Make sure to tag us (@theCreaMag) so that we can see your post and thank you for it! #InstagramForDayz, right??

2. If you haven't had a chance to order a magazine yet, you're in luck! We have a few more copies left, and you can order them online right here or by clicking on "Order" above. We're nearing Sold Out! So get em fast!

3. We're stoked for the next Crea steps. Volume V is already in the works, and we plan to keep hosting a slew of events to connect creatives with creatives. 

While we celebrate, let's starting doing what Crea is all about and get you connected with some awesome brands and artists that are doing what they do well. Here are our partners for this evening:

artifact uprising.jpg

Artifact Uprising is our favorite for beautiful photo prints, books, cards, etc. They have a stunning minimal style and their paper is to die for! Just like us, they're all about community, creativity and passion. Many of their products are made in the US from recycled materials, and they partner with SKCAC to employ adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Love this snippet from their page on purpose: "As Artists, to know what we create is important. To know why we create, so much more."

For our launch party, Artifact Uprising sponsored and printed two large prints that we'll be raffling off tonight, and they gave us an exclusive coupon code for Crea Readers to get 10% off your next online purchase (Make use of this, it's definitely worth it): WSJM10

Visit Artifact Uprising and use your coupon code at:

PS: The designs we had printed are by John Maglica: an awesome photographer and designer. He is starting a new print project soon, so if you didn't make it to the party tonight, there's still a chance to have one of his [gorgeous] prints in your hands.

Check out his work:

artifact uprising product.jpg

Sseko has been a Crea love for a long time. If there is any company we believe is worth checking out, it's them. Sseko is a women's fashion brand (mainly shoes and bags!) based in Uganda. They're empowering women and fighting poverty by employing and granting scholarships to women so that they can pursue University degrees and become leaders in society.

We believe hard-core in the way they're making this happen. To date, Sseko has sent 60 women to university and employed 50 others on their team in Uganda. And all of this, through a financially self-sustaining model.

Besides all this: their products are SO COOL. Fresh smelling, gorgeous leather and ribbon sandals you can wear a million different ways. There are lots of ways you can get involved with them besides purchasing products, so be sure to check out what you can do as a Sseko Brave or a Content Creator (for you photographers in the group). 

 We are stoked that Sseko is coming to our launch party tonight, and donating 20% of their profits for the night back to Crea. 

Check them out:

Consider this our official award to Hatchery for "most genius foodie idea". They are bringing the fresh, local, farmer's market experience to you through a monthly food delivery subscription. Hatchery is based in New York, and they work with independent makers across the country to bring their favorite small-batch ingredients and condiments to your doorstop.

It's perfect for the food-adventurers of the world, and we love the platform they've created for small makers to get exposure while introducing the rest of us to new flavors and recipes.

Hatchery sent us an introductory box and instructions for a free 6-Month-Subscription for one lucky raffle winner tonight. THANKS GUYS!

If you are a maker, a foodie or an innovator, look em up here: Hatchery.Co

hatchery product.jpg

Freeman's Collective is for the outdoor adventurers. Their leather goods, artwork, and California threads hit the spot for quick trips to the mountains and backpacking with style. Especially if you ever need to get one of those Insta's in the wind with a blanket in the mountains, Freeman's Collective is where it's at. The best part: Their prices are surprisingly affordable. (Don't worry this isn't an ad...we just really think they're great). 

Freeman's Collective is setting up a table at our party tonight to sell and raffle off some of their favs, but you can also check them out online for shopping and Travel Guides:

We wish we could send Jordan Ruiz to each of your houses to give you the same incredible live music we're enjoying tonight in SoCal, but for now, check out some of his music right here. His most recent album, The Mountain is available on BandCamp...Go get yourself a copy!

Thanks to so many more for making our launch party come together!

Mantra Coffee donated some cold brew coffee! They're opening soon in Azuza, CA, so be sure to stop by and support them on opening day!
Smile on 3 Photo Booth: We will officially never forget tonight because photos will record your crazy faces forever.
Nathan Tecson Studios: We'll be sure to capture some candid moments too, thanks to our official photographer! Check him out: @NathanTecson
Pie Bakers & Set Up Crew: a slew of volunteers are bringing in home-baked pies to keep our stomachs happy while we party the night away.