the ted talk that blew my mind again

TED talks blow my mind a lot of the time, but this one was especially powerful. To be honest, when I first started watching it, I was completely skeptical of everything he said.

But the longer he spoke, the more convinced I became. This was life-changing…world-changing news. Could addiction really be fought simply through genuine community and self-worth?

I realized this was everything Crea stands behind. It’s the reason we exist. If every person in the world felt valued and capable, if every person had a purpose that spread beyond their own well-being, if every person had other people that stood by them in their goals and dreams, what a different world it would be. There would be no reason for apathy, loneliness or addiction.

And ok, maybe the world is messed up, and maybe it will always be messed up. But what if even a hundred people that want to give up, don’t, because somehow through Crea they became connected with a new idea, a new purpose, new people or new resources?

Community changes everything.

Since it’s the middle of our Kickstarter, and we have 45% more to raise, I’m making another plea: Crea is more than a cool project and a crazy dream. My hope and my actual prayer, is that Crea’s impact spreads and spreads.  If you align with my terrifying and completely exciting vision for what this could be, please please help us make it happen. Buy a copy or subscribe to a year online through our kickstarter!


If you’ve already done that, send the link to your family, your friends, and tell them about what we’re doing. We have 12 days. Ready, set go.