Last week, I got to take a tour of my good friend Valerie Metz's home. I knew I wanted to start including more interiors and home styling on Crea, and she was one of the first people I thought of. Valerie is an amazing photographer and new mama, and her home decor always inspires me! Here are some photos of my favorite details and a couple of questions about how she decorates:

What are your top 3 places to shop home items?

My favorite places to shop are antique/flea markets and any thrift stores. I tend to find the most unique pieces from those kinds of places and plus, it feels like a treasure hunt when I find something amazing for way less!

How would you describe your style?

Growing up, my mom would take us to Peru and Brazil (where she's from) and we would always buy rugs and home decor from the native flea markets which are full of patterns, wicker, and alpaca wool. I just have such an appreciation for that look so it's fun to see how trendy it's become! I would define it as bohemian minimalist, which feel likes it doesn't go together since boho is bright and loud and minimalist is so simple. I love boho patterns but also choosing neutral, softer colors to blend well so it doesn't feel overwhelming when you walk into the room. 

Any home styling tips, especially styling on a budget? 

Thrift and get creative with what you find! You'd be surprised with how many different ways you can reuse something. Plants also make such a difference! Throw lots of green in hidden corners or empty spaces, it'll give the room some life and color.