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I feel like “routine” has been my buzzword lately! You would think I’m the most structured person on the planet with how often I’ve been using the word, but the reality is I have actually been so lacking structure that I have been reaching for every possible way to add in new rhythms to avoid going CRAZY.

I’m a big believer in routines and planning, despite their boring reputations, especially when it comes to achieving goals. It’s probably more fun to dream about getting "discovered” or having an endless drive to hustle late at night and grind again early in the morning, and it’s way cooler to be spontaneous and optimistic, taking

un-calculated risks because you believe in yourself. But while I am all for the dreamers (I even started a magazine about that), in my experience, every passion of mine burns out unless I create a sustainable way to see it through.

According to this article in the NY Times, decision fatigue is a real, biological thing — that’s why Steve Jobs wore the same shirt everyday. And while I probably won’t wear the same, sparkly sequined tulle skirt every day (I mean, maybe, though), I definitely notice how much more exhausting life is when every single notification requires a decision, so here’s what I’m doing about it:



Many weeks, I don’t feel like I can commit to the same schedule without giving up work opportunities, so instead, I’m adding rhythms that can occur at any time of day, whether my meetings are at 8am or 8pm:


  • wake up (the earlier the better)

  • listen to a podcast while getting dressed, putting on makeup, making/eating breakfast and doing the dishes

  • review to-do list and make a plan for the day

Work Day:

  • finish client work

  • prep content

  • shoot content

  • edit content

  • post content

  • engage with others

  • Working on refining my new, digital content calendar system to offer for your use! Stay tuned! In the mean time I have these free print outs for content planning!


  • end work/get home between 5pm and 10pm (but the earlier the better)

  • work out

  • make dinner

  • relax/socialize/episode of the Office?!

  • sleep routine (see this video for all those details!)


  • 1 flex day / catch up day (usually Saturdays)

  • 1 day OFF (minimal driving, only refreshing activities… usually Sundays)


  • set budget for the month

  • plan upcoming content and schedule posts that involve other people

I haven’t stuck to all of these every single day/week/month but the more I add them in, the more efficient I seem to get, the less exhausted I am by the end of the day, and the more I look forward to my work each morning. Its still not that every day is the same (they’re very different!) but I have a structure in place into which new things can fit, instead of having to decide on a new system every single day.

Do routines seem to help you as much as they help me? Would love to hear what you think!


P.S. Here’s a video on my nighttime/sleep routine. Years ago it consistently took me hours to fall asleep and I dreaded going to bed. Now, it hardly ever takes longer than a minute to fall asleep, largely thanks to adding in routine. Skip ahead to #5 (at about 5:30) for more details on that!