Every week, we feature an artist from photographers to sculptors to web designers. This week is all about Alexis Reddy, fashion stylist / extraordinaire. Alexis is the essence of cool, and when it comes to styling a shoot, she knows what's she's doing. Here are a few of her tips on styling:


How long have you been styling professionally?

A: I first started out as a wardrobe consultant almost 4 years ago, where my main goal was to help women "Work With What Ya Got"; that was my little catch phrase back then! As to not give in to fast fashion or over consumption, I focused on teaching women to make the most of what they already had, by putting as many looks together as we possibly could out of their existing wardrobe, while focusing on their personal style, body type, and giving style tips throughout. I pursued this for a couple years and learned a lot about styling, fashion, and even my own personal style! For the past year and a half I've been working as a fashion stylist, where I have the opportunity to style collections from all around the world!


What is your favorite kind of shoot to style?

A: I love working with small companies with lots of integrity! It's easy to create for those you truly believe in. Taking their pieces and working to put together a high fashion editorial that really helps them shine brings me such joy! High fashion shoots are my favorite, because you can really push the limits on styling. Don't get me wrong, give me a white wall and some plants and I'm there! Haha.


What piece of clothing do you wish you could incorporate in everything?

A: There are several trends that I'm really enjoying right now, like bandanas, bell bottoms, and all the boho goodness! But, if I had to pick one piece of clothing to incorporate in everything it would have to be a great denim jacket! It's timeless, effortless, and can be worn in all seasons!


What is the most difficult part about being a stylist?

A: One thing I've noticed is that fashion stylists are often a bit taken for granted or even excluded from projects. You're constantly having to convince people that it's a worth while investment. This is unfortunate, because the times I've been able to come alongside a photographer and help them to solely focus on shooting, while I style and keep maintaining a consistent aesthetic, the process is always faster and working as a team lends to more creative ideas and often a better end product!


Any advice for wanna-be stylists?

A: Keep creating! I cannot stress this enough! It's so important to stay inspired, and keep learning about your trade! Even when the paid work isn't flowing, you can still share what you're learning along the way and work with friends to build content. Work to become a well rounded stylist as well! This means I have to know more then just what's trending! Learning about photography, body types, and posing has been invaluable when it comes to contributing on a project. There is always something new to be learned friends! Don't let this discourage or overwhelm you, but rather take it one step at a time and see it as an opportunity to explore endless possibilities!


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