Three things get me all inspired and jittery when they're done really well: Movies (lookin' at you La La Land), Interiors and Graphic Design. Lately, it's that last one that is inspiring me so hard. I've come across so many blogs and sites that are soooo beautifulll to my eyes so I decided I had to share them (I had to.

My favorite style is a mix of minimalism and that cool, fashion-forward edge. I love a clean space and simple fonts, but I want something that's simultaneously interesting and creative. Here are the five sites I've been eye-ing all week (Definitely click on the actual links to my favorite posts, because these screenshots are only a teeny part of each one's homepage):

Park & Cube - I cannot get over how cool these blog posts are. Everything is individually coded and clickable, and the layout feels just like a fashion magazine, but with the beauty and convenience of a minimal blogger. Besides the design, the writing is so beautiful and I love the regular inclusion of cinemagraphs! 


Loeffler Randall: The thing that is most impressive to me about this site is how they mix minimal, studio, product photos with everyday, lifestyle photos (on their blog) and somehow make it all work together through the design. Major goals.


Aesthetic: These guys have been a long-time inspiration for me, but they just launched a new site and it is even more beautiful than it was in the past. We featured them in our Volume V Magazine if you want to check out the full story! 


Taylr Anne: Love Taylr's style in fashion so her blog post layouts are an added bonus. She captures the minimal look really well but still gives enough information and her photos always feel relevant to what she is talking about. Her Instagram is equally stunning.


Zara: Zara can occasionally get a tiny bit too edgy for my style, but most of the time I love shopping there for the design experience if nothing else! Their WOMAN campaign right now has all these gorgeous fonts and type if you keep scrolling down. Plus: cute, cheap clothes. 



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