I meant to post this on my actual birthday (March 20), but the wifi in the Philippines was v limited.** I'm reaching my quarter of a century mark as I finish my 24th year and move on to my 25th, so I decided it's about time to put together my official 30 before 30 list! Here's what's on it (UPDATED SEPT 2018: putting things in italics once I’ve checked them off!)

1. Write a song and share it with the internet
2. Take pictures in the Carlsbad Flower Fields (CAN YOU BELIEVE I haven't done that yet?!)
3. Eat at Poppy and Rose
4. Work full time for myself
5. Visit a pink sand beach
6. Visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
7. Ride a horse (yep -- haven't done that either!)
8. Be really good at regularly cooking healthy meals
9. Shop the LA flower market
10. Learn how to use a drone camera
11. Visit a pink lagoon
12. Grow my own garden
13. Host an Air Bnb

14. Get a paycheck from YouTube
15. Style another person's house/studio
16. Have a baby / adopt a baby
17. Learn how to style hair and makeup for editorials
18. Direct a styled photoshoot with zebras
19. Fully surprise Nathan with a party or gift without accidentally ruining it ahead of time.
20. Get certified as a trauma-sensitive yoga instructor
21. Host a party with fabric napkins and napkin rings
22. See those bioluminescent / light-up bacteria things in the ocean...
23. Make homemade Ube Puto - Filipino style
24. Design a home decor collection
25. Take a hot air balloon ride
26. Buy a house

27. Get sponsored by Home Depot or Target
28. See the Northern Lights (classic)
29. Write a full-length book
30. Become famous among my friends for some delicious original dish that no one else makes