One of the questions I get the most is about where I find inspiration for my Instagram photos. The answer is kind of standard -- Pinterest, everyday life, the work of other Instagrammers, my friends, everything! Sometimes ideas "just come to me" and sometimes it requires some digging into the depths of my creativity to come up with any remote trace of an idea. Over the last couple of years though, I have found 3 main strategies help when I'm really stumped for ideas:

1. Ask yourself, what am I doing today and how can I show it in a cool way?
This photo came from this question... the answer was I was doing dishes, so I grabbed as many glasses as I could and piled them up for a photo!


2. Google search or Pinterest search a random item/word.
If you want to post a photo with lots of blue tones next, try literally Google searching "blue" and see what comes up. Even if none of the results are things you would post about, it might spark some ideas. One of my favorite words to search randomly is "retro" because it usually inspires some great prop ideas! This photo came out of a Pinterest search "fairy lights" which turned into a photo of fireflies!


3. Start with a prop. 
Sometimes it helps to limit yourself by finding one prop that you love and asking what kind of photo you could do with that prop. That's what I did with this gif (I wanted to use that lightbulb) and with this photo (I wanted to do something with a birthday cake and balloons).

birthday final.jpg

These are all super simple and quick, but I hope they help you come up with some ideas the next time you're stuck!