This is the story of my huge Parabo Press print:

I've lived in this house for about two years, and I've been gradually decorating each part of it since then. When I first moved in, I thought it would be a much more temporary place for me so I didn't really let myself get settled, but the longer I'm here and the more I value having an environment that feels "me" the more I decorate :) 

I am finally starting to give our bedroom a little makeover. I found some nightstands on Craigslist (major win), some globe lamps at Home Goods and the mini sun-ray mirrors at TJ Maxx (I think they're meant to be candle holder/sconces but I decided to add some little fake potted plants instead). But for months I have been trying to figure out what to get to fill the space right above the bed. It's a little trickier in California because it also has to be earthquake safe.

I've always thought a huge photo could be perfect but usually huge prints are so so pricy so I hadn't been able to bring myself to splurge.

When my friend Valerie posted a photo of her huge print from Parabo Press, I checked it out, thinking it would again be over $100 (These things are 3 feet x 4 feet!) and I was v pleasantly surprised that it was only $15, and you can guess where my thoughts went from there (must. have.) 

So here we are today with my beautiful Parabo Press print right above our bed. I had so much trouble picking what photo I wanted. I loved the idea of having a wedding photo up, but I did not love the idea of having a giant picture of our faces up. This photo ended up being the perfect choice -- it was actually taken by that same friend, Valerie!

For now, we just tacked it up onto the wall, but I really love Parabo Press's frames that are made for this size, so I'm hoping to upgrade to that soon!

You can see all their other sizes and products here, AND Parabo Press was so kind to offer a very very generous coupon code to include in this blog post: You can get 50% off with the code "CREA5". 

DM me, comment or email me if you have any questions about this print and I'd love to help!