fake bathroom-10.jpg

One of the challenges I face every day when I'm styling and shooting is finding a location that fits my vision for a shoot. I wish my home were a Pinterest dream (one day!), but until then any shoot with a tight budget requires some creativity to get the set looking amazing. Recently I've been taking lots of product photos for Garnier, and to get the right shots for them I need a clean, white, modern and beautiful bathroom. If anyone has one I can borrow, let me know (haha!) but in the mean time, I've figured out how to fake it.

- piece of plywood
- marble contact paper (I got this one, though a matte one might be better!)
- cardboard box
- mirror
- bathroom accessories (plants, brushes, soap, etc)

I covered the plywood with the contact paper, propped it up on a big cardboard box and set it up against the best wall in my home (the hallway!). With the mirror and some props, in a close up shot you would never know the difference. 

The only part I have yet to figure out is how to fake a sink. Anyone have any ideas on that? Comment below if you have any ideas or to let me know what you thought about this post! Would love to hear ways you work around location limitations too!

fake bathroom-11.jpg
fake bathroom.jpg
fake bathroom-3.jpg
fake bathroom-4.jpg
fake bathroom-13.jpg