We recently got to meet Interior Designer, Emilie Baltorinic, for a photo tour of her beautiful home in south Los Angeles. The first thing I noticed about Emilie's home, is that unlike so many other trendy, modern spaces on the internet lately, she's not afraid to work with bold colors and patterns, and she pulls it off perfectly. I left her home with so many new ideas for my own, and excited to share the photos with you! I also asked her a few quick questions on her styling tips, below:

1. How would you describe your style?

Colorful, balanced, fun, comfortable, modern with a touch of vintage. 

2. What are your tips for mixing multiple colors or patterns together?

I use a lot of color in my interiors, and I try to keep a consistent color palette throughout the house. I tend to use a lot blues and greens with warm accents, like yellow and orange, but I have found I'm also starting to gravitate towards more neutral tones lately.

When it comes to patterns, I use lots of geometric and floral prints in my textiles/upholstery. The way that I balance them is by making sure the scale of the print is alternating. (Example: the print on my headboard is small, but the print on an accent chair in the same room is large). Different patterns also work together if they are complimentary color schemes with each other. 

3. What is one rule you swear by when it comes to designing interiors? 

Keep it as uncluttered as possible to make your home easier to maintain and to give it that modern, clean, catalog look. Less is more! Also, lighting is everything, it can really bring the final ambient touch to a room. 

ps. Next time I'm asking her how she keeps all those gorgeous plants alive!