Los Angeles, the City of Flowers and Sunshine draws thousands of tourists every summer, and maybe you’re one of them. With the perfect weather, sparkling beaches, and Hollywood stars, it’s no wonder everyone wants to visit LA. There are a few standard, touristy spots to check out while you’re here, but in case you’ve been there done that and don’t want to look like a tourist one more time, here’s a list of cooler, less visited replacements for all of the major tourist attractions:


Top of the World

o   While everyone else sits in traffic to get to the top of Griffith Observatory, you’ll be making your way to a similar view, but next to the beach.

 Aliso Beach Park

o   All the tourists are flooding Santa Monica Pier for shopping and beaches, but you get to enjoy the more peaceful cliffs and beach-town shopping of Laguna Beach without missing out on the convenient parking of Aliso Beach Park.

Electric Dusk Drive-In

o   Why make the trek to the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd when you can watch a movie outside (in your car) with a lit up view of the skyline in the background?

Abbot Kinney

o   As tempting as the one million dollar products on Rodeo Drive are, Abbot Kinney is the coolest strip in Venice for shopping and eating out. Make sure to look really hipster if you visit, and stop by the beach while you’re there.