Meredith and Valerie are a dream team when it comes to making images look beautiful.

After Meredith's time living in India as the jewelry designer for a non-profit, she brought her love of design home and started Wildflower Roots: handcrafted, minimal, classic jewelry. Valerie is a lifestyle and wedding photographer, with a little fashion/editorial thrown in the mix too. She's all about the dreamy, golden light and anything 70s inspired. 

The two artists teamed up to style and shoot Wildflower Roots' Spring 2016 collection, and we're in love with the final product. They're launching soon, so keep your eyes out for the new line and beautiful images. Crea is excited to sponsor a giveaway at the Wildflower Roots launch party on April 16th, so be sure to swing by and enter for a free copy of Volume 05!

Here's a quick behind the scenes with Meredith and Valerie:


1. How did your business start?

In 2014 I adventured to India to work with a non-profit group International Sanctuary (a group that works with survivors of modern day slavery in India), to design collections for their jewelry line called Purpose Jewelry. I had never designed jewelry before that experience in India, but when I came home I couldn't stop thinking about how much I loved designing and creating jewelry. So a couple months after my return home, in April 2015, I started up a jewelry line called Wildflower Roots - simple everyday jewelry to inspire the everyday woman. Starting Wildflower Roots has been one of the most incredible and difficult things I have ever set out to do. Thankfully I have an amazing team of 3 (4 of us total) that do this crazy thing called running a small creative business together. 


2. What advice do you have for other creatives?

I thought about what advice I would give to myself a year ago when I was starting up Wildflower Roots & these 3 pieces advice came about:

  • Everyone starts somewhere. It's ok if your first blog/design/website isn't perfect, your creativity & business will always be evolving and changing for the better. Take that first step! 
  • Be inspired but not overwhelmed by the creativity of others. We only ever see end results and not each other's processes in getting there. Be inspired but have grace for your own process. 
  • Eliminate, eliminate, eliminate. The best advice I could ever give myself as a creative and a designer. i.e. Do I like this style personally? Yes. Does it go with my brand? NO. Then eliminate. Does this necklace look super cool? Yes. Does it go with my brand? NO. Then eliminate. This has helped me and my creative self to be grounded and create designs that are simple & consistent with my brand.


3. What or who inspires your work?

There are so many factors that play a part in inspiring my work. I think to make it simple is being present. Present in relationships, conversations, seeing a pretty flower bloom, listening to the lyrics of my favorite song, having a mentor call out the beauty in me, the good & the hard days. When I am fully present and allow myself to see life happening around me, inspiration flows. 

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1. How did your business start?

My business started when I failed a film photography class in college! I got married after that semester and felt discouraged but my husband pushed me to not go back to college and try photography out for a year. I started out in a tiny town in the Midwest and kept shooting/practicing!

2. What advice do you have for other creatives?

Don't. Compare. Yourself. It's okay to be unique and for your style to NOT look like everyone else's. Also, make sure you're consistently shooting for your own self and creativity. It's easy to get caught up in the money making process but it is truly an art so treat it like one!

3. What or who inspires your work?
Looking at other photographer's work is definitely inspiring but I also feel like magazines and movies are. I specifically like Tarantino movies (I know, weird) because his cinematography is artistic to me! Old music and road trips also inspire me!

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