I've seen a lot of beautiful product design before, but Cabal Crafted's products really struck me as something different. Cabal Crafted is owned and run by my new friend, Walter Cabal, whose passion is making beautiful things work better. It's fashion, but it's also function. 

When I sat down at zpizza with Walter to hear more about what he was up to, I was really impressed with the quality and uniqueness of his product. He had found a way to make high quality lifestyle products with the beauty I already loved, but with functional features I had never seen.

You know when you're walking with your really cool crossbody bag, and you look amazing, but it's also annoyingly bouncing against your leg? Walter found a solution to that and made it. Even his wallets are organized by card-priority, and his journals are held shut by the pen you'll never lose again.

I went with a couple others to visit his studio in Pomona, CA, where we watched his products go from scraps to final products, and we were able to field test them on some road trips following our visit. 

Walter's other passion is humans. He told us most of his inspiration comes from quiet time of pondering life, nature and human relationships. This video is only a tiny glimpse of what he does, so be sure to check it out yourself:


ps. Cabal Crafted is now hiring interns! Check out our job board for more info.