I'm Julie.

A year ago, I realized there were crazy amazing stories in the world that needed to be shared, and crazy inspiring people that needed to be connected, and out came Crea. I’m currently based in Southern California, where the magazine is my full time thing while I work some side gigs in fashion, photography, and social media.

I appreciate simple design, eccentric humans and bold plans. Whatever your idea is, I probably love it. It’s probably my next dream job. Unless it’s “Hey, let’s start an accounting firm.”

I’m dying to get coffee with designer, Catherine Martin, so if you know her personally, please set me up.

On weekends, you’ll find me exploring on beaches, in coffee shops or on rooftops. When travelling, I usually overpack, but always still forget things. Potted desert plants are the way to my heart. I will never get over lit-up city skylines.

 Pet Peeves:
-When the paper towels don’t rip straight
-When your hands are all sticky after you eat a peach
-Speed bumps

PS Thanks to Tristan for the photo!

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