The CREA Story: A note from the Founder

This is what happened:
I’m an ideas person. For years I floated around in my life, with idea after idea. I had a new dream job every two weeks. I saved up scrap materials with ideas of the next-best DIY, and I kept lists of story ideas for future feature films. 

And everything seemed possible until I thought about it.

Then “reality” would set in. Not enough money. Not enough time. Way too complicated. Everything I wanted came with fears of its failure and doubts of its value.

But then I realized:
There are people jumping in the air and doing stunts on TV, starting up cooking blogs, fashion blogs, photography blogs, life blogs, building wells for people who drink mud to hydrate, writing movie scripts and performing songs just for the fun of it, piecing together ordinary words into crazy moving poems, taking a brainstorm and making it a business, making freaking beautiful coffee tables, knowing how to make a lump of chaos stay orgnized, being moms, being dads, taking big risks for great rewards, and living in spite of the threats and doubts and dangers that often steal our attention.

And I can’t watch them all make things happen and honestly still believe that I can’t do the same.

The birth:
And that is when CREA was born. It was time to do something. And it was time to shout to the whole world that it’s time to do something. Every dream comes with doubts and fears, and no one has the resources when they start.

We’re in the same boat. Our dream is to make you dream. And we are doing this thing so you can do your thing.

Our goal: we’ll bring you stories of people who are doing cool things. Take them, be inspired, and see that you can do your cool things too. And then go do them.

Our hope: we want to become your go-to for resources and connections. You need to know someone who’s great at finance to clarify your budgeting issues while you cover the creative stuff? We’ll connect you. You need a photographer to put the visuals to your thoughts? We’ve been there. We’ll find just the person for you. You are the photographer that person needs? Again, we’ll find you the gig.

Our purpose: The world gets better when people come together to follow their callings. No one can do anything alone, so let’s put our heads together and make things happen.

I am thrilled by all of you humans in the world. You are a masterpiece. Now go be what you are.

I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Sincerely (and I mean that),



Julie Tecson1 Comment