Gift Guide for the Dreamers, Realists and Curious

At Crea, we love all things creative. (I mean, it’s in our name). We also think you’re the kind of person who loves to give creatively. So we’ve crafted a little list (that’s in your price range) for the dreamers, the realists and the curious in your life. We also fully support your decision in asking for some of these gifts for yourself.


For the dreamers

The $100 Startup - The author, Chris Guillebeau, traveled to every country in the world (193 total) before the age of 35. He’s all about “The Art of Non-Conformity” through travel, entrepreneurship and personal development.

Dot Grid Book - This notebook was designed by Behance specifically for graphic designers as an alternative to boxes and lines, which naturally makes it perfect for people who can’t decide between lined or unlined notebooks.

Airbnb - A nontraditional option, but how much fun does a night in the city sound? Plus we’re huge advocates for experiential gifts.


For the realists

Passion Planner - Realists get things done. Planners help. There are a million benefits to this specific planner, but a few are time management, positive thinking and decluttering. This one’s especially cool because Angelia Trinidad, the creator, is the real deal. “You ask yourself: is what I am going to do today going to get me closer to my goals? Yes? Do it. No? Don't do it.”

Camping gear - Realists make things happen, and maybe it all happens outside. So...camping equipment! Equipment is a great gift because 1) they can use it until it wears out and 2) they’ll probably invite you on an adventure to thank you for the gift.

Leather Pouch - Realists have meetings, deadlines and only what they need. Okay, not all of them, but this is also just really pretty.


For the Curious

The Compendious Coffee Chart - These prints and wall decor from Pop Chart Labs are incredibly comprehensive and perfect for the person in your life who asks millions of questions. Now they can definitively tell you the differences between steeping, pour-over, vacuum and pressure brewing for coffee.

Cookbook (The Food Lab) - Ever wondered why food cooks the way it does? And why are you supposed to use certain pans for certain foods? And why do different combinations of spices work and others don’t? And how to make the perfect dish? We could go on and on, but now our mouths are watering. (This is also an amazing gift because you can count on the recipient making you dinner).

Stone + Cloth bags - Curious people love learning, therefore loving other cultures, therefore love travel. Plus when you get one of these bags it gives 25 hours of classroom learning for students in Tanzania. Plus it works beautifully as a carry on bag or a weekend trip.

And if you can’t decide between any of those, you can’t go wrong with a Crea Volume FOUR!


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